Ideas To Pursue

Modified: 2010-June-14

Date: 2010-June-13

A shortcoming that I have always wanted to fix was my tendency to having interesting ideas but never following up on them. These include ideas for projects, writing prompts, art, stories, and things I want to do around the house. But as soon as I think them up, I usually forget.

So in order to keep better track of my more interesting ideas I will start writing them down here. I will try to only track my most interesting ideas, and ones that I think I would actually want to pursue. I will also revise and update these ideas as I continue to think of research them.

Create a harwdare synth

I have a couple of Arduinos laying around and I have always wanted to create an art project using them. Creating a hardware synth to be precise. I would want to create the firmwate and all the sound libraries. This would give me experience at the hardware level.

I would most likely code the project in C or C++. Though C++ might be going out of vogue. I have read some articles on how C++ might just be overkill and C might be the better language to use. I need to dig up those articles before coding anything.

Outline of todos

  • Create firmware
  • Search sound libraries
  • create the box/container
  • Pick a microcontroller
  • Learn KiCAD
    • Create PCB using KiCAD.


Continious Improvement Regimen

I need to come up with a system of continous improvement of my analytic and problem solving skills. I need to find a way to track and manage mental models and decision making skills in order to find out which models work and which ones don't. Along with that I need to figure out how to track them and also make sure I continue using them.

I had previously read 'Principles' by Ray Dalio which provided a framework for one of these systems. I need to go back and read it, and take notes on it.